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Ceramic species

> €61.98

If you are one of those who like to use spices to give more flavor and color to your food this species should not be missing in your house.

It is a speciesman with 12 drawers made of ceramic where you can store the spices in branches or grain, each drawer have a different decoration and handmade, as well as the exterior of the species with drawings and colors of the most striking that will give a touch of distinction to your kitchen.

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Pack black boxes

> €37.19

Pack of three black boxes made of MDF with black cap and on the lid feathered ornaments and a rose window

The boxes are of different sizes so each is perfect for a different use: small 11.5x5 cm, median 16.5x6 cm and the large 20x8 cm.

A perfect gift, a three for one.

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Pack of wooden briefcases

> €24.79

Here we have a pack of two briefcases in aged wood.

They are perfect to give away or to self-correct and store the accessories that you use most to have them at hand always.

In the most modern decorations bring a touch of distinction when being in a vintage style, this will make everyone want to have them because they are spectacular in the decorations in addition to serving as suitcases to store objects, they are a two by one.

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